Trex Composite Decking

With beautifully arranged timber grains and the finish of an elegant exotic hardwood, Trex® Transcend® composite decking is unmatched in its brilliance and ingenuity. Trex® decking is designed with a semi-gloss finish, and is made to undertake high traffic environments, promising exceptional durability.

With five stunning exotic hardwood colours to choose from, Transcend Composite Decking gives you the freedom to complement your existing wall cladding, screening, balustrading, railing and lighting selections to create your perfect outdoor oasis.

Composite Trex® decking offers the perfect blend of design and functional features, alluring you and the family to spend more time outside.

Benefits of Trex Decking

  • Apart from instantly transforming your outdoor living area, the Trex® Transcend composite decking is an environmentally friendly replacement for timber and specifically merbau decking. It is an investment for the long-term value of your property and an investment towards a greener tomorrow for future generations.
  • The death of our forests is a big problem today. 3rd generation Trex® composite decking product range has taken steps to dramatically reduce deforestation, while still providing you an opportunity to enjoy luxury in your backyard.
  • You can feel better relaxing on your earth-friendly Transcend composite deck. A minimum of 95.4% of Transcend Decking products are produced from recycling such as reclaimed timber, sawdust, and recycled plastic bags.
  • Guaranteed to withstand the rigours of time, Transcend composite decks come with a 25-year limited fade and stain warranty. Engineered with inimitable Transcend coat technology, Trex® Decks are made to appear timeless even years after installation.

  • The distinctive three-sided shell on Transcend boards will protect your Trex® decking from spills, scratches, and mould and maintain the vibrant colour of your Trex® decks for decades to come.

  • With Trex® Transcend composite decking, you can forget all about expensive chemical treatments, sanding, painting, sealing and the other laborious hassles of maintaining timber decking.
  • Trex® decking is designed with a distinctive Transcend capping that protects each composite decking board from spillages, staining, and the varying seasonal weather conditions.

Trex Colour Range

Tiki Torch

Lava Rock

Spiced Rum

Island Mist

Havana Gold

Trex Decking Installation Gallery